52 Week Photo Challenge

BannerImage2B&T Garage is more than just my documented experiences while learning how to work on my own car, Foxy Molly. It’s a creative outlet that allows me to learn photography, videography, and the tools used to edit and produce those mediums. I’ve never received any formal training on what it takes to produce intriguing photos or professional video and I think that’s pretty apparent based on my B&T Garage youtube channel. It’s also apparent that the quality and production quality has increased with each corny release of the series. In order to continue to improve upon those skills, one has to continue to learn and challenge one’s self.

As with any learning process, mastery comes with knowledge and repetition. Finding interesting ways to collaborate, get feedback, and have fun while learning can be difficult at times. This is why I’m always looking for new ideas for content, VLOGS, and photos. By creating content, regardless of the audience, you force yourself to learn. As long as each learning repetition adds some sort of challenge you will progress. This challenge could be a change in how you set up your lighting, switching your filming style, or even changing what you’re accustomed to photographing.


This desire to learn more lead me to a post on my personal Facebook feed. Dale Foshe posted an article on petapixel.com. The article described a skill building challenge for photographers created by Dogwood Photography. The challenge was originally started in 2016 and tasked beginner and experienced photographers alike to push their photography skills to new levels. The overall challenge was to take a specific photograph every week for 52 weeks. The subject, story, composition or technical requirements for each photo would change week to week. The participants could then post their challenge results weekly to various social media sites such as Flickr, Facebook, and Instagram.

This year the challenge is more difficult in regards to the photo requirements. I didn’t participate in 2016 because I was unaware that this challenge even existed, but I’m totally onboard for 2017. Being as it’s the first week in 2017 I better get going on this weeks photo!

Check back here every Sunday for the challenge photos.

52 Week Photography Challenge


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