Week 3 – 52 Week Photography Challenge

Week 3 of the 52 Week Photography Challenge is all about landscape. Per the Dogwood website, “Your inspiration for this week is land. This could be a landscape, or an image inspired by the land in some way”.

In my area of Texas, the landscape is pretty much flat, devoid of any meaningful forests, mountains, and pretty much comprised of all suburbs. Being that I work from home, and rarely visit locations other than the hockey rink and occasional car show, my landscapes are pretty much limited. That leaves my immediate surroundings as possible candidates for subjects. I could, of course, drive to find a more suitable location but, I’m honestly too lazy.

I’m not, however, too lazy to go on the occasional run about my neighborhood in the mornings. Now, I don’t mean like every day, but I have been known to go for a run every now and then. When I do go for a run it’s usually just before sunrise. I find this the best time to run due to the lack of people and a generally nice atmosphere and temperature. This also means I get some pretty epic sunrises if I can time it just right.

A solitary barn in a large manicured field by my home.

Along the route that I usually take, there is a park that runs adjacent to a large plot of land. The land has some acreage and is tightly manicured and has a pretty slick outbuilding or barn. The land is fenced off and posted with no trespassing signs. I always try to get shots and never seem to get what I think is the right light. I’ll stop and take a rest and just enjoy the view. Every once in a while I happen to get something useful. These images always make me hungry. They make me think of a hearty morning breakfast, bacon, and eggs. That feeling when you smell bacon in bed, that it’s time to get up and take the day by the…you get the idea.

This image is called Bacon and Eggs.


Dog Wood 52 Week Challenge, Week 3 topic, Land. Image: Bacon and Eggs.

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