Week 4 – 52 Week Photography Challenge

This weeks challenge is to tell a story using a mirror. I was pretty crazy in my youth and frequented many bars. Some of them upscale establishments, but most were hole in the wall type places. I honestly always enjoyed the seedier places. The music always seemed to be better and the atmosphere more interesting. 

I especially liked the art work in some corners of these locations. The graffiti and stickers were always interesting. Whether it was the time someone actually took to create that “masterpiece” on the urinal divider or that obscure band sticker plastered on the cieling, it was always something different. 

Last night reminded me of these very thoughts. I was in Austin having a good time and the place reminded me of then. Coincidently, the bar was called The Dirty Dog. I find this image fits perfectly into the Dog Wood Photography Challenege.  

This image is called, A View From The Past. 

Week 4 - 52 Week Photography Challenge.  A View From The Past

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