Week 7 – 52 Week Photography Challenge

Week 7 of the 52-Week Photography Challenge is, “Abandoned was a very popular week in the original challenge. For the advanced challenge tell the story of something forgotten.”

The image I chose for this week was taken on our way home from the Presidents Day Tournament in Colorado Springs. It was snapped on my iPhone 7 Plus somewhere between Raton and Capulin. If you’ve ever driven through this desolate area then you know there’s pretty much nothing out there. Just grass, rocks, rolling hills and very few trees. This homestead is right off of highway 87 and I can guess why it’s abandoned. There’s nothing around, like anywhere. I can just imagine the brutal winters and the wind that never stops blowing at this place. No thank you.

This picture is called, “Pack Your Bags, We’re Leaving!”


“Pack Your Bags, We’re Leaving!”