Week 7 – 52 Week Photography Challenge

Week 7 of the 52-Week Photography Challenge is, “Abandoned was a very popular week in the original challenge. For the advanced challenge tell the story of something forgotten.”

The image I chose for this week was taken on our way home from the Presidents Day Tournament in Colorado Springs. It was snapped on my iPhone 7 Plus somewhere between Raton and Capulin. If you’ve ever driven through this desolate area then you know there’s pretty much nothing out there. Just grass, rocks, rolling hills and very few trees. This homestead is right off of highway 87 and I can guess why it’s abandoned. There’s nothing around, like anywhere. I can just imagine the brutal winters and the wind that never stops blowing at this place. No thank you.

This picture is called, “Pack Your Bags, We’re Leaving!”


“Pack Your Bags, We’re Leaving!”


Week 6 – 52 Week Photography Challenge

Week 6 of the Dogwood 52-Week Challenge was candy. You are to take a photograph of something considered candy, but you can’t take a photograph of candy. Be creative. Okay, sounds easy enough. The family and I were recently in Colorado for a hockey tournament. Tournaments are pretty hard to do anything, let alone go see friends, family and or go out for a nice dinner. One night while we were there we managed to sneak away, the 3 of use, for an impromptu fancy pants dinner. We drove to Sedalia Colorado to our favorite restaurant Gabriels. Gabriels is a pretty swanky place that serves excellent Tuscan Italian food. This stuff is to die for and this is where my photograph comes from. I consider Gabriels my candy.

They say the best camera is the one you have with you, this is Gabriel’s Candy, shot on my iPhone 7.img_9123-1

Week 5 – 52 Week Photography Challenge

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The challenge last week was “Shoot 10 shots of the same subject. Each shot should be from a different angle, distance, and focal length. Share your favorite image from the set.” Week 5’s challenge is late, obviously. Work has been so outrageous that I struggled to get 10 shots. Honestly, the photo here is my favorite out of what was 15 shots. I say “was”, because this was shot over a year ago. The one on the right is one of those 15 shots.

These photos are from our family trip to New Orleans. We had a great time there, and no, we did not do Mardi Gras. We spent our time checking out the geat architecture, shopping, and the excellent food.  We also spent a great deal of time just walking the streets of downtown New Orleans. As soon as I saw this street I knew I had to snap a few pics, okay, hundreds of pics. I took them from different angles, lenses, focal points etc.

There was something about the modern setting contrasted by items from days past that caught my attention. I believe these horse heads were used to tie up horses back in the day, the transportation of that era. The funny thing is, they still stand guard over our modern transportation, the lines of unassuming cars packed into every street. Their purpose today is purely decorative and I loved the composition.

Here is my favorite shot from that batch titled, Giddy Up.


Giddy Up


Week 4 – 52 Week Photography Challenge

This weeks challenge is to tell a story using a mirror. I was pretty crazy in my youth and frequented many bars. Some of them upscale establishments, but most were hole in the wall type places. I honestly always enjoyed the seedier places. The music always seemed to be better and the atmosphere more interesting. 

I especially liked the art work in some corners of these locations. The graffiti and stickers were always interesting. Whether it was the time someone actually took to create that “masterpiece” on the urinal divider or that obscure band sticker plastered on the cieling, it was always something different. 

Last night reminded me of these very thoughts. I was in Austin having a good time and the place reminded me of then. Coincidently, the bar was called The Dirty Dog. I find this image fits perfectly into the Dog Wood Photography Challenege.  

This image is called, A View From The Past. 

Week 4 - 52 Week Photography Challenge.  A View From The Past

Week 3 – 52 Week Photography Challenge

Week 3 of the 52 Week Photography Challenge is all about landscape. Per the Dogwood website, “Your inspiration for this week is land. This could be a landscape, or an image inspired by the land in some way”.

In my area of Texas, the landscape is pretty much flat, devoid of any meaningful forests, mountains, and pretty much comprised of all suburbs. Being that I work from home, and rarely visit locations other than the hockey rink and occasional car show, my landscapes are pretty much limited. That leaves my immediate surroundings as possible candidates for subjects. I could, of course, drive to find a more suitable location but, I’m honestly too lazy.

I’m not, however, too lazy to go on the occasional run about my neighborhood in the mornings. Now, I don’t mean like every day, but I have been known to go for a run every now and then. When I do go for a run it’s usually just before sunrise. I find this the best time to run due to the lack of people and a generally nice atmosphere and temperature. This also means I get some pretty epic sunrises if I can time it just right.

A solitary barn in a large manicured field by my home.

Along the route that I usually take, there is a park that runs adjacent to a large plot of land. The land has some acreage and is tightly manicured and has a pretty slick outbuilding or barn. The land is fenced off and posted with no trespassing signs. I always try to get shots and never seem to get what I think is the right light. I’ll stop and take a rest and just enjoy the view. Every once in a while I happen to get something useful. These images always make me hungry. They make me think of a hearty morning breakfast, bacon, and eggs. That feeling when you smell bacon in bed, that it’s time to get up and take the day by the…you get the idea.

This image is called Bacon and Eggs.


Dog Wood 52 Week Challenge, Week 3 topic, Land. Image: Bacon and Eggs.

52 Week Photo Challenge

BannerImage2B&T Garage is more than just my documented experiences while learning how to work on my own car, Foxy Molly. It’s a creative outlet that allows me to learn photography, videography, and the tools used to edit and produce those mediums. I’ve never received any formal training on what it takes to produce intriguing photos or professional video and I think that’s pretty apparent based on my B&T Garage youtube channel. It’s also apparent that the quality and production quality has increased with each corny release of the series. In order to continue to improve upon those skills, one has to continue to learn and challenge one’s self.

As with any learning process, mastery comes with knowledge and repetition. Finding interesting ways to collaborate, get feedback, and have fun while learning can be difficult at times. This is why I’m always looking for new ideas for content, VLOGS, and photos. By creating content, regardless of the audience, you force yourself to learn. As long as each learning repetition adds some sort of challenge you will progress. This challenge could be a change in how you set up your lighting, switching your filming style, or even changing what you’re accustomed to photographing.


This desire to learn more lead me to a post on my personal Facebook feed. Dale Foshe posted an article on petapixel.com. The article described a skill building challenge for photographers created by Dogwood Photography. The challenge was originally started in 2016 and tasked beginner and experienced photographers alike to push their photography skills to new levels. The overall challenge was to take a specific photograph every week for 52 weeks. The subject, story, composition or technical requirements for each photo would change week to week. The participants could then post their challenge results weekly to various social media sites such as Flickr, Facebook, and Instagram.

This year the challenge is more difficult in regards to the photo requirements. I didn’t participate in 2016 because I was unaware that this challenge even existed, but I’m totally onboard for 2017. Being as it’s the first week in 2017 I better get going on this weeks photo!

Check back here every Sunday for the challenge photos.

52 Week Photography Challenge